Einer der Stadtstrände Rotas: El Rompidillo

Rota's main attractions are based on its geographical position, its pleasant climate, rich cultural history, splendid cuisine and their beloved people.

Situated on the Costa de la Luz, with its proverbial sunlight and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, with a mild and sunny climate, Rota, along with the municipalities of El Puerto de Santa María, San Fernando and Cádiz itself is part of the Bay of Cadiz.

The wide beaches of Rota (15 km in total), both "urban" (La Costilla, El Rompidillo) and "natural" (Punta Candor), with their fine golden sand and clear, pure sea water, are a major attraction for visitors to the city. Every year, the Playa de la Costilla, for example, is awarded the Blue Flag and the "Q" Certificate for its outstanding environmental quality, equipment and management. The natural beaches and the coastal dune system, covered with pines and broom, are both very close to the town center and invite you to endless walks in this beautiful landscape.

Der Fischerhafen in Rota

At the port, with its yachts and fishing boats, there is always something to watch and discover for explorers of all ages. As in many Andalusian towns daily life basically takes place outside, on streets and squares. The daily open market with fish, vegetables and fruit from the region is a center of life. People usually meet in one of the many small bars on a tapa, a sherry and a chat.
Here you can experience, enjoy and take part in the real Andalusia.

The historical monuments such as El Castillo de Luna, La Iglesia de la O, the Tower of La Merced (former convent), the remains of the wall, remind the visitor of the ancient cultures, all related to the Mediterranean, such as Phoenicians, Romans or Moors, and Christians, of course, who left their mark and legacy in this special landmark of great strategic importance.


Passage from the beach to the old center
Fisherman fixing his nets
Square at Parroquia de la O Church
La Merced: Tower of the former convent