RATES 2018-19   (Prices in Euros)

In the following table, we provide you an overview of our rates for the year 2018-19. Here you will find the corresponding prices per week (7 nights) and the maximum capacity of each apartment.

In order to offer really attractive conditions, especially in the middle and low season, we distinguish between High Season, Midseason1, Midseason2 and Low Season.
Minimun stay: 1 week. Exceptions may often be arranged. Please contact us.

Apartment Max. Capacity Low Season Midseason 1 Midseason 2 High Season
Fray Ambrosio 3 420 490 560 665
Fray Bartolomeo 3+1* 420 490 560 665
Fray Claudio 3+1* 420 490 560 665
Fray Doménico 4 490 560 630 840
Fray Ezequiel 3+1* 420 490 560 665
Fray Francisco 2 455 595 665 749
Fray Gregorio 3+1* 490 595 665 770


Notes and Observations:

Jan, Feb, Mar:Low Season
Apr, May, Jun1:Mid Season 1
Jun2, July, Aug:High Season
SepMid Season 2
OctMid Season 1



All our apartments provide air-conditioning.

To encourage our guests to make an efficient, responsible use of electricity and in order to support energy saving clients, we have arranged the following agreement: the basic municipal monthly fees for electricity supply are included in our apartment rates. Consumption will be billed individually with 25 cts/ kWh. Each apartment has its own, official meter, so we can provide an accurate and fair electricity billing.



Simply send us a request for the desired apartment and your travel dates (via our contact form or via e-mail), we will contact you inmediately with mandatory information on the availability of the apartment and confirm the corresponding rate. At this point you will receive the full booking documents, which should be returned to us with your signature, so that the contract between you and Casa Atlántica comes to pas.


SPECIAL RATES for long-stay clients

Many of our guests choose a longer stay, sometimes even up to a year, not only because of the mild climate which allows playing golf, horse riding, water sports and outdoor activities in general, throughout the year. You may also take the opportunity to attend a language course (Spanish for foreigners), university courses, internships, flamenco courses, etc. In any case, a creative off-time here in Southern Andalusia can be  very exciting and fulfilling.

For the months from November through March we can offer particularly attractive conditions for a long-term stay. Are you interested? We will be delighted to inform you in detail on request.